Intervale Fields & Recreation Area

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GNGLL Fields Project (Phase 2)

With the acquisition of the Intervale property complete and RRCT's purchase of the surrounding lands finalized, our project moves to Phase 2 (also mentioned on our News page), GNGLL is undertaking an indefinite pause to examine the possibilities of restoring our property on Bennett Road for use as fields with the fallback proposition of a scaled back two-field facility at the Intervale site.

As we move forward, RRCT and GNGLL will pursue funding and executing our respective goals separately with the intention of completing our projects as best serves the needs of our organizations and constituencies.

GNGLL is partnering with representatives of the Save the Intervale committee to pursue funding and other methods to restore the Bennett Road property. Our combined committee will meet throughout the fall to pursue these goals and will work towards restoring a long-term blight on the landscape (the unrestored gravel pit) into a fantastic recreational facility for our town.

Announcing the GNGLL & RRCT Intervale Recreation Area

Gray New Gloucester Little League presents our proposed Intervale Fields Softball and Baseball facility. GNGLL has been playing softball on Intervale Road since the 1970s. With the gracious generosity of the Don & Lynne Chandler family, our league has benefitted from the use of their land throughout the childhoods of many of our friends and neighbors.

A few years ago, we reached out to see if we could purchase the land so we could ensure access for our players in case the Chandlers ever decided to sell their land holdings in New Gloucester. They were happy to oblige our request, but also wanted to preserve their entire holding for the future of New Gloucester and offered over 180 acres of prime real estate in the Lower Gloucester village area.

The Chandler parcel that will be preserved for recreation through this project named here as "Lower Village Option Parcels". In total over 180 acres will be preserved free from housing development for multiple recreation activities.

With such a great opportunity to preserve the character of New Gloucester in perpetuity, we reached out to the Royal River Conservation Trust to work with their organization to purchase and preserve the Chandler's land for the future of New Gloucester.

Right now, we are raising funds to purchase the land, ensure its stewardship for the future, build ballfields, and ensure access for all community members including people with disabilities.

We hope you will join us in these efforts to create an amazing recreational area for hunters, fishermen, bird watchers, hikers, snowmobilers, and baseball and softball players. This project will preserve the culture and wilderness of New Gloucester for generations and will provide terrific benefit to our outdoor recreation opportunities as well as the children and adults who enjoy them.

Intervale Softball Fields Project

Our new field complex will create a fantastic site for our softball and baseball players to learn the sport and enjoy outdoor recreation with their friends and family.

With modern fields, safety will improve for all of our players and by improving access for people with disabilities, family members with disabilities will be able to enjoy the game. Additionally, we'll have the capability to serve children and young adults with disabilities through the Little League Challenger program.

With three fields on one site, we'll be able to bring the community together on our Saturday game days and help families enjoy their baseball and softball games without having to run all over Gray and New Gloucester. Plus, our snack shack will help raise funds to maintain a first-rate facility and ensure we can provide reduced-cost and free play to anyone who asks.

Intervale Fields by GNGLL will also include a playground for younger siblings and the New Gloucester community. Hikers, birders, hunters, and fishermen will utilize our parking lot and trail heads to access over 180 acres that RRCT and GNGLL will preserve through this effort.

We think it's a fantastic opportunity to provide recreation for our children and for the community for years to come.

GNGLL's proposed Intervale Fields - concept sketch. Final design in progress.

Ballfield Amenities

Our fields will cost $500,000 to construct and our goal is to raise $1.4M in conjunction with RRCT to provide an endowment for trail maintenance and to construct ballfields to serve our community for the next 50+ years.

To that goal, we want to create a safe, fun, and exciting place to play ball while promoting outdoor activity and nature appreciation through enhanced access to trails and preserved forest and wetlands.

GNGLL's Intervale Fields plans the following amenities:

  • Three fields - so the communities of New Gloucester and Gray can meet to watch their kids play ball every Saturday during the spring.

  • Field 1 & 2 will be Little League size fields for baseball and softball ages 7-12.

  • Field 3 will be a full size diamond for tee ball & coach pitch (using temporary fields in the outfield) and for play at higher age brackets (13-17).

  • Handicap access - all fields will have handicap accessible paths and viewing spots to ensure all fans get to enjoy the game. This will also allow GNGLL to host Challenger Division games and leagues where kids and adults with varying disabilities get to participate in a team sport in a fun and engaging way.

  • Scoreboards - our goal is to have a digital scoreboard at each field with the goal to increase sponsorship revenue and make the game more exciting for our players.

  • Stadium Lights - Fields 1 and 2 will have modern, LED lighting for evening play when the days are short (mainly fall). These lighting systems turn on instantly, are very low power, and are directionally contained to minimize impact to surrouding area.

  • Snack Shack - with the goal of making these fields self-sustaining and ensuring Little League remains affordable to all families and free to those who ask, we plan a volunteer-run snack shack to provide on-site food and drink for our patrons.

  • Handicap access bathrooms - secure bathrooms and septic will be built in conjunction with the snack shack to provide proper facilities for all our patrons.

  • Playground - a playground will be provided for younger sibilings and for the community at large with dawn-to-dusk access.

  • Observation Deck - our walkway to Field 3 will have an observation deck for bird watching and enjoying the surrounding wetlands.

Note: Our plans are very preliminary at this point and depend on permitting, planning board, and community ordinances. This set represents our desired list of amenities, but our planning process is just beginning. As we move toward our full architectural plan, community input will be part of the process. Our plan is to be a considerate neighbor while serving our mission which is to provide outdoor recreation, team experiences, and the love of baseball and softball to every player regardless of income, gender, or race.

An aerial view of the lower meadows portion of the parcel.

RRCT Trails & Wetlands Preservation

The Royal River Conservation Trust (RRCT) will raise $900K as their portion of the $1.4M total in our combined efforts to take this project to completion. These funds will allow GNGLL & RRCT to purchase the land and develop our respective portions of the project.

RRCT will provide a number of improvements to the existing trails and wetlands:

  • Improved trails throughout the Lower Gloucester parcel

  • New signage and maps to ensure hiking, hunting, snowmobiling, and fishing areas are well defined and known to the public

Community Feedback & Hearings

As with all building projects, GNGLL's proposed fields will be presented to the New Gloucester planning board before any building permits are issued. Permitting from the Department of Environmental protection will ensure our development minimizes environmental impact. These processes will provide opportunities for members of the community to voice their support and concerns. Naturally, GNGLL will abide by any permitting requirements from involved agencies and our goal is to create a fantastic facility that meets the needs of New Gloucester.


Over $300,000 has already been raised toward this project (over 20% of the total), and we're off to a great start. However, we're just now starting the public portion of our fundraising. Our goal is to raise $50,000 from small donors - league members, households in Gray and New Gloucester and small businesses. This will just be the first step in raising the full $500,000 to create our fields. You can donate now at the link below:

GNGLL GoFundMe: Donate Now

Our current fundraising tiers are:

  • $10 - reserve a brick (we'll follow up later to collect $40 more to complete your pledge)

  • $50 - purchase an engraved brick (2 lines totaling 30 characters)

  • $100+ - HBP - a brick and your name on our "Thank You" plaque under the "HBP" tier.

  • $1,000 - Walk - same as above under the "Walk" supporter tier

  • $5,000 - Single - same as above under the "Single" supporter tier

  • $10,000 - Double - same as above under the "Double" supporter tier

  • $25,000 - Triple - same as above under the "Triple" supporter tier

  • $50,000 - Home Run - same as above under the "Home Run" supporter tier

  • $100,000 - Grand Slam - same as above under the "Grand Slam" supporter tier

Named sponsorships are also available for specific amenities or fields.

Naming Rights:

  • Complex - $100K

  • Field 1 - $50K

  • Field 2 - $50K

  • Field 3 - $50K


  • Field 1 Lights - $50K

  • Field 2 Lights - $50K

  • Concession Stand - $50K

  • Field 1 Scoreboard - $12K

  • Field 2 Scoreboard - $12K

  • Field 3 Scoreboard - $12K

  • Field 1 Stands - $5K (2 available)

  • Field 2 Stands - $5K (2 available)

  • Field 3 Stands - $5K (2 available)

All naming rights and sponsorships include permanent signage on the sponsored item and on our sponsorship board.

Thank you for supporting GNGLL & RRCT!

GNGLL is a 501c(3) non-profit. All charitable contributions are tax-deductible.

RRCT is a 501c3(3) non-profit. All charitable contributions are tax-deductible.